Hello Nihao Annyeonghaseyo Konichiwa Bonjour

Ni Hao, I’m Sinthia Tan, welcome to MissNomNom Blog. I write all posts here and sometimes the pictures are taken by me.

To build and growth this blog, I got help from Mr. V, and he’s responsible for technical support and as MissNomNom’s photographer. We are working together as MissNomNom team.

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I’m still a student in Universitas Pelita Harapan, took Food Technology as my major. My daily activity are studying, teaching or just simply doing my assignments as usual like all students did. I’ve spent my 3 days a week as Mandarin Teacher. At the night of the day (if I have free time or me-time), I usually edit the pictures that are gonna upload to the blog and also write the new post(s) in this blog.

This blog is not my first blog, there are a lot blogs that I’ve already made. But I lost all of them because ‘classic reason’ called: forgot the password that I used. I love reading and also writing. Hopefully I can be a full-time blogger, and focus updating and writing.

Suprisingly, the first post in this blog is not about food, but about my life (like I did in old blog). One day, I want to review a restaurant after I visited Satoo in Shangri-La hotel Jakarta without pictures of the delish foods there, because I have not thought to be a food blogger.  After I visited Le Quartier in Senopati and reviewed it, fortunately my friends enjoy my reviews and give me endless support to keep updating and writing till this time.

Thanks for visiting this blog, leave your comments below and let’s be friend and don’t be hesitate to share your NomNom journey with us.

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  • I'm looking forward to read your story, dear :*

  • thanks for visiting wkwkwk

  • Bagus Sis Blognya….. Ajarin dong sis

    • thanks sis yosephone!! hehe ditunggu blog nya juga ya

  • Hai Sinthia!
    Your blog is really enjoyable.. hehe
    as a same Food Bloggers, I’ve linked your blog on mine, and I really hope you would link mine on yours too 🙂

    please kindly visit my blog :
    thanks before yaa.. 😀

    • Halo felinsya, salam kenal yaaa
      otw kunjungin blog kamu dan taro link hehe.
      boleh nih kapan2 kita hunting bareng hehe

      • Halo! 🙂 salam kenal juga.. hehehe..
        thanks so much yaa..
        iya nih.. boleh boleh.. hehehe..


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